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SKU Number Photo Description Price $US

1973 Gremlin X - 360


  • 360 cu. in. w/mild cam,
  • Chromed Edelbrock intake,
  • Holley Carb,
  • Finned aluminum rocker covers,
  • 4 speed, w/Hurst Competition + shifter and T handle, Line Lock (Never used)
  • Tach,
  • AMX rear end w/3:54 gears,
  • colour matching centre console with cup holders
  • Fiberglas cowl induction hood
  • Levi Interior, padded colour matched steering wheel, nicer than stock.

Drives like new car.

Solid car, needs minor body work and a paint job.

Rear valence reworked in my shop where we make brand new AMC body panels

Never been hit. Front fenders were rusty so I replaced them with solid fenders

Driver’s door was very rough so I replaced it but saved the door for the tags.

The original fenders and door go with the car.

To certify for the road the car needs the following:

  • Horns,
  • washer bottle,
  • rebuild rear wheel cylinders because the car hasn’t been driven for a couple of years.
  • It also needs a windage tray to be installed under the Edelbrock manifold.

The above 2 pictures show the Gremlin with the replacement fenders and door.
The original front fenders and door (see below) come with the car if you would prefer to repair them.

Seller Contact Information: John Newell

  • Email:
  • Phone: +1.613.392.8973
  • Asking Price: US$ 10,000
  • Location of Car: Trenton, Ontario, Canada

$ 10000.00

1970 Rebel Machine

1970 AMC Rebel Machine with  390 engine, 4 spd.

Radioator, rear floors and trunk floor are in good shape.

No exhaust manifolds or air cleaner, hood flap is in place.

Seller Contact Information: Duane Dansak

  • Phone: +1.724 244 5554
  • Asking Price: US$ 12,500
  • Location of Car: Greensburg Pa. 15624

$ 12500.00

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