Frequently Asked Questions about Your Sales Order

How do I Add Items to my Sales Order?

Items may be added to the Sales Order directly from the Product listings tab.   Just select the quantity of the Item which you wish to order and click on the [ADD TO SALES ORDER] button.

How do I change the quantity of an Item in my Sales Order?

You may adjust the quantity of any of the items in the Sales Order buy selecting a new quantity from the pulldown list for that item and clicking on the corresponding [CHANGE QUANTITY] button.

How do I delete Items from my Sales Order?

You can remove any item from the Sales Order by setting its quantity to zero (0) and then clicking the [CHANGE QUANTITY] button for that item.

How do I add more Items to my Sales Order?

If you wish to add more items to the Sales Order, you can simply click on the green Check Out Now button to return to the shopping area where you can continue adding items to your Sales Order.

Does my Sales Order expire if I do not submit it as a completed Sales Order?

If you leave the website with an unfinished Sales Order, that Sales Order will 'generally' be saved for 12 to 24 hours from when you made the last change (Add, Change or Delete an Item) to the Sales Order.

We say 'generally' because your connection to the Sales Order is maintained by a 'website cookie'. 

As long as you do not delete the web browser cookies for this website, you will be given the opportunity to update that Sales Order. if you come back before the Sales Order cookies expire. 

Some web browsers are set to delete cookies when you exit the browser.  In those cases, you would not be able to recover your Sales Order if you exited the browser.  If a Sales Order has not been submitted as a Completed Sales Order before the cookie expires, that Sales Order will be closed automatically.

Can I use the Sales Order if my browser has Cookies 'Disabled'?

NO.  If your web browser policies are set to NOT accept cookies or this website, you will NOT be able to use the Sales Order feature on this website.

Can I delete my Sales Order and start over?

YES.  There is an 'Abandon Sales Order' button at the bottom of your Sales Order.  If you click that button, your Order will be deleted.  (Sorry, there is NO UNDO for this command.)

If you encounter any problems please contact our Technical Support by emailing

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