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We are expanding our range of parts and accessories. Why should these old cars which were decades ahead of their time in 1970 be consigned to the past?  Let's keep our Rebel Machines relevant and happening!


Ordering a Newell Stripe Kit for your Rebel Machine

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Stripe Kit: Newell Rebel Machine Stripe Kit

Newell Rebel Machine Stripe Kit for

  • 1970 Rebel Machines

Each Stripe Kit Includes:

  • Left and Right fender, door and rear quarter stripes;
  • Chevron stripes that go across the trunk lid;
  • Three colour grille stripe
  • Four THE MACHINE logos
  • 1/4" wide silver key line stripe - 55' long
  • detailed installation instructions


  • Newell's Red Streak stripe kits are made as follows for ease of installation:
  • The key-line black outline is screened on, it's not in separate pieces;
  • The chevron stripes across the trunk lid is one panel; 
  • The rear quarter stripes include the beige and blue stripes in the same panel;
  • the grille stripe is one piece, not three; 
  • all of the graphics components are reflective except for the black outlines and the silver key line tape. 

$ 875.00

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