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We are expanding our range of parts and accessories. Why should these old cars which were decades ahead of their time in 1970 be consigned to the past?  Let's keep our Rebel Machines relevant and happening!


Used Parts for Sale


Please note that this information is provided on an 'as is' basis.  We do not derive any commisions for recommending these suppliers and we can are in no way affiiated with them. We have provided their links and contact information based on our experience with them or on the recommendations of others who have dealt with them.

If you know of other companies or organizations who you think would be good to have added to this list, please let us know.  Similarly, if you have a poor experience with any of them or you know anyone else who did, please let us know and we will considering removing them from this list.

SKU Number Photo Description Price $US

Dash Pad: One Piece (USED)

A one piece dash pad in pretty reasonable shape. It has cracks in the usual places in the dash chassis and needs new foam thanks to sun and age. No splits in the pad itself though.

$ 350.00

Gear Shift Mounting Plate: Aluminum 4 Speed (USED)

Aluminum 4 Speed Gear Shift Mounting Plate (USED)
Ron Fawthrop

$ 50.00

Grille Sheet Metal (USED)

Grille Sheet Metal (USED)
Set of two - Left and Right

$ 80.00

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