We are expanding our range of parts and accessories. Why should these old cars which were decades ahead of their time in 1970 be consigned to the past?  Let's keep our Rebel Machines relevant and happening!


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Carburettor Tag: Autolite for Rebel Machine only


0WM4 indicates 360-390 CID manual Transmission

  • 0 is for model year
  • W indicates engine - in this case a 1969 390
  • M is for transmission
  • 4 is for venturi

R is the revision letter

Next line:

  • A is the vendor check letter
  • 0 is the year again
  • A is the month the carb was assembled
  • 16 was the day the carb was assembled

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$ 70.00

Data Decals: ECS VIN

ECS VIN Data Decals

This company is a registered company that reproduces VIN decals for domestic makes such as GM, Ford and Chrysler. AMC is not listed but they do make the correct decals for AMC

Their toll free number is 1-855-532-7846

The significance here is that when you paint your AMC, the decal cannot be removed from the door without damaging it profoundly. Consequently, the decals tend to be painted around. I've never seen that work perfectly since the decal ends up sitting in the paint instead of on top of the paint. The only alternative is to not paint the body of the door, leaving it original. That's great as long as the door is in good shape but that's not always the case. When you have a severely damaged door, you have to paint and having painted, you need a new decal. This is the answer.

That is not to say that the decals shown here are new decals. They aren't. But they do illustrate the two different styles of build date used on these decals. It is presumed that the earlier decals at and prior to Jan. 1970 were filled out in long form and after that date they seem to be the number of the month, a dash and 70 as the year. Each of course showed the full VIN.

The contact at this company that you need to talk to is Tom and he is fun to talk to.


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Valve Cover Engine Tag: Rebel Machine only

Rebel Machine only Valve Cover Engine Tag

THE First number is the year the engine was built

  • For 1969, that number is a 2
  • For 1970, that number is a 3 as shown

The second 2 numbers are the month the engine was assembled in.

  • Shown is 02 for February.

The Y signifies that the engine is for a Rebel Machine.
A Z instead of a Y would indicate a 401 replacement engine - however AMC normally did not replace the valve covers on replacement blocks so the valve cover information will be wrong if the casting number on the side of the block says 401 or is blank.

The part number on the top left rear of the block will also be wrong. The correct Machine engine part number is 3195529.

The last 2 digits denote which day of the month the engine was completed. 

The valve cover tag shown reads this way:

1970 February Machine 390 5th (of February)

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$ 85.00

Data Plates on Doors and Windshield Sill

Data Plates on Doors and Windshield Sills

he body tag shown here shows the paint code 25A which is the identifier for a RWB Machine as well as the interior package with bucket seats in black - 051F. These are the classic identifiers for an authentic Machine body.

This tag is reproduced by the A.G. Backeast Company

Website is http:///

This company can also reproduce the windshield sill tags that are riveted to the metal sill next to the windshield on the driver's side. I'm not sure at this point about the rivets for either tag.

You get one week turnaround time in most cases.

P.O. Box 40011,
PHONE: 860-877-4440

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Glass: New

New Glass

3440 Centerpoint Drive,
Ste. B,
Urbancrest, Ohio,

1-800-848-1351 --  I spoke to Rick

They do not have back window glass for Rebel 2 door hard tops, they do have tinted windshields and tinted side glass.

Located in New York State

1-800-345- 4527 -- I spoke to Ira

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Brake Lines

Pete Vaughn suggests:

Right Stuff in Ohio used my original lines off my Machine 20 years ago they have them.

Lee Malapazooza suggests:

Inline Tube in Michigan. They also have an eBay store.

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Door Jamb Kit for 1970 Rebel

Door Jamb Kit

Eddie Stakes have sold a lot of them too, if interested $15 a set + $4 ship in USA, higher to Canada & rest of world

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AMC Rebel Machine Stripe Kits, Body Panels and information about AMC products

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