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Upholstery and Fitments

Before you begin spending a ton of money restoring the interior of your Rebel Machine or any other AMC you should read the following letter from Mike Dumont to Legendary Autos about the job they did for his Rebel Machine.

This is important because the issues he's talking about have not been addressed correctly by Legendary. This company has been the most respected supplier of seat covers for Machines. Right now (2015/16) their product is suspect. So the shots you are seeing here are of substandard work they have produced in the last little while.


Hello Chris & Ron,

I received my replacement seat covers, thank you. The overall outer dimensions appear to be close, however, each sewn segment is still wider than originals, so based on this I assume you went through your inventory to find a pair that “matched the overall width” but not match the original covers in their original form!? With that said I will install them, being that the overall width appears close, they should be “ok”, we will soon find out & I’ll supply you with feedback & photos. Remember, I’m not shooting for just “ok”!

Thanks again for your help, I’ll keep you posted. Remember, AMC people may purchase & “fit” your products onto their cars & you’ll never hear back from them because they “assume”  that it’s how it should fit & be “ok” with that!! They would not be concerned with fitment issues as it would probably look better than what they had to begin with, doesn’t mean that they are factory “looking” once installed & most wouldn’t bother to contact you about this!  I provided you with a set of originals, they should at least come real close to the original dimensions.


If you look closely, you can see the puckers in the seat backs of both seats.

That is not how they looked when delivered from the factory.

There was no evidence of loose fitting fabric.

It was always a perfect fit.


Again here on the seat cushions at the side you can see that it's a loose fit instead of taut.

Not acceptable.

This is not Mike Dumont's car, this is a recent example of inaccurate workmanship we hope Legendary will correct.

There is one other Machine out there that we know of with the same issues.

All three of the cars this has happened to are Machines that have gone through the process of a high dollar no expense spared restoration.

They are cars we all expect to represent the high level of craftsmanship AMC featured in their products.


A Long Standing Problem

As a supplier myself I can imagine the consternation the guys at Legendary must feel over this. Regardless, it is important to get this right guys. There are many Machines out there waiting to be restored and probably all of them will need your services at some point including mine. I want to feel confident that when I order a set of your seat covers they will fit.

I can tell you that your poor fit issues must have been going on for some time because I acquired a Machine in 2011 that had its seats recovered with your seat covers. One of the things I noticed about these seats was that they were overstuffed and appeared huge compared to the original seats I have in my first Machine that I bought in 1970. 

A the time I wasn't too concerned because this latest acquisition is a car that is far from correct. I was actually happy with the extra padding and thought the mistake had been made by a local upholsterer. Now I know it was you Legendary. So you have a situation that goes back at least five years. That is ugly.

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