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The Lightest Automotive Thermal Sound Deadener in the World

When was the last time you saw a completely new product made for an American Motors car that wasn't a performance part? Something new? Something we can all use? I believe this product - CAR INSULATION is one of those rare products that is not specifically for AMC cars but is definitely of value when it comes to daily enjoyment of our cars. It's a top notch product, not expensive, easy to install and non-toxic in a toxic world. Even better is that it's dirt cheap. You can't beat that.

Now if you are restoring your car to be concurs, this is not a product you can use because the people involved in its development weren't born yet. But if you plan to drive and enjoy your car, this is a product you should consider.

This material is the lightest and most effective thermal, sound deadening isolation in the world. Once installed it will make your car interior quieter and cooler under your feet.


The Product

  • made in the USA
  • a real thermal barrier
  • effective sound deadener
  • protective moisture barrier
  • adds only 1.6 pounds to an intermediate body such as a Series 10 AMC body
  • extremely easy to handle, cut, shape, flex and install

Product Features

  • overall 1/4" thickness: two sided heat rejecting foil
  • polyethylene reinforced closed cell foam core
  • reduces unwanted sound by 10+ decibels and panel vibration
  • minimum R value: 8+ (depending on installation)
  • helps keep interior cool in warm months
  • extremely light weight - 0.04 lbs per sq.ft.
  • easy installation - very flexible
  • vapour barrier - mold and mildew resistent
  • non-toxic and fragrance free (will not smell)
  • not attractive to rodents or insects

This sheet product can be  used over floor pan, under your carpet/seats, on trunk floor and side walls of trunk as padding. You'll likely find other uses for this material as you become more familiar with what it can do for you. A great product for you if  you have a creative imagination.

Here's what it looks like on the roll - thick enough to make a difference but thin enough to use in places we never had anything to use at all before that would do the job and look like it belonged there at the same time.

For instance this stuff looks like it would work well as a roof liner where the used to go between the metal underside of the roof and the top side of the vinyl roof liner. It would work well behind the door panels and the rear seat side wall panels. And that cardboard panel between the trunk and the cabin. You'll think of more.

Under the carpet where we typically have 20 pounds of matted jute that looks like it was dug out of a barn, this CAR INSULATION is a modern alternative. You'll how effective it is the first time you leave your car outside in the rain with the windows rolled down. The jute will suck up water, hold it and generate mould and mildew. This stuff won't. Concours cars of course would never be out in the rain in the first place. But for all those other cars, this is a great insurance policy.

If your Machine is built to crank out some serious horsepower, you know it's also built to crank out some serious heat. That heat comes blasting through the firewall holes, the transmission tunnel opening and through any seams the body putty has fallen out of. It also comes straight through the firewall and the floor regardless of openings because there is so much high heat. CAR INSULATION is your answer.

Even taking your girlfriend or you wife for an afternoon drive can be frustrating when a few miles down the road, both of you are parboiled thanks to the mill pounding away in the engine bay right in front of you. Windows down does not help. CAR INSULATION DOES. This is really inexpensive peace of mind and a great escalation in the enjoyment department.

At the track is where this stuff really shows what it can do. That's where you're blasting, pedal to the metal on and off all day. The cockpit gets damned hot when the outside air temperature is over 80 and you're inside getting cooked. Race car drivers use this stuff and if I were you, I'd be installing this material at the start of the season.


Another feature is that once installed, this product tends to help dampen rattles and other weird noises. Your stereo will sound better because the tin foil adds accoustic attributes to your stereo output. That's what they tell me. Keep in mind that I'm mostly deaf so this information is not from me.

You have to admit, the installation above looks pretty good. I'll replace this shot with an AMC shot once someone sends one in. That might be me because my Machines are all going to be getting this treatment.


Installation Instructions

This is not an adhesive backed product, but you have many options when it comes to installing CAR INSULATION in your car. 

  • spray adhesive
  • foil tape
  • Velcro
  • magnetic dots (very tiny magnets that make it possible to install this material in a concours car because the product is entirely removable leaving no sign the product was ever installed.
  • the manufacturer recommends that a combination of spray adhesive and foil tape have worked best for them.

Step by Step

  • clean the substrate on which the CAR INSULATION will be laid first and remove any debris
  • cut and fit the piece to target location
  • apply spray adhesive or Velcro to the mating surfaces - with Velcro lay down both male and female sides and press firmly in place and roll with a roller
  • lay the new material carefully in place. Don't peel the backing off the velcro until everything is aligned perfectly. Then do one row of tape at a time removing the backing from the tape.
  • or loose lay the insulation, Put the magnetic dots down and adjust as needed.
  • lay the carpet over all and screw into place as required.
  • the manufacturer recommends 3M Super 77 or 90 spray adhesive to tack in place because they've had the best results with those two products.
  • The foil tape is an essential component of creating the seal all the way around between sound and you and hot air and you. You can't skip this part with any effectiveness.

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